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About the Savings Plan

Our mission is to make our customers more successful by increasing productivity and simplifying the procurement of industrial tooling and equipment.

The UK has failed to improve efficiency in manufacturing production costs over many decades and many companies expend disproportionate time and effort on indirect purchasing pricing actions.

We will work with our clients to identify material savings opportunities that will in help increase productivity and drive efficiencies through the business.

With this unique approach Hoffmann Group UK will actually guarantee savings!

Tooling equipment and consumables account for only 4% of total cost

Pricing Action

Saving 10% through pricing action will save 0.4% of total cost

Hoffmann Group UK approach

Saving 10% with Hoffmann Group UK approach will save over 4.5% of total cost

Our specialist team will work with your team hand in hand in order to achieve the guaranteed savings.

We do need access to projects, products and services though, in order to provide the opportunity to deliver savings. All savings projects are then documented and signed by both parties.

We will commit to target a 20% documented saving and underwrite 10% of the value – the guaranteed saving.

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Training & Seminars

Products evolve, new products are launched and legislation is ever-changing. Therefore it is of paramount importance you are up to speed with the latest changes. As part of our training, we work with you in a way that suits you best, from in person seminars to virtual webinars.

Technical Support

We can provide a wide range of technical support services for you. This can be from an engineering perspective, where we can work with your work holding and cutting needs, while also being able to marry these together to deliver you the savings or optimisation requirements needed to become more successful.

Projects & Kits

We can offer a wide range of solutions for project management with our team based in our UK office. We identify your needs, design this to specification with 3D graphics and deliver the project if accepted.

Added Services

We are adding more services to each of our product ranges. For example, from a cutting tools perspective, we can design unique and specialised tools. So regardless of your project complexity, we have CAD/CAM ready to support your projects.


Our e-Business solutions integrate into all aspects of your business. This enables you to reduce your process costs and speed up procurement time, providing a layer of flexibility and control on orders. This then aids in your cost reductions, increase in your productivity and overall driving efficiencies through the business.

Fixed Pricing

Our pricing will be fixed for 12 months, allowing you to avoid sudden and unplanned price increases over the year. This will enable you to divert that effort in managing pricing to other areas of your business.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is all about the organisation of your tooling and equipment. With a solid plan in place, this will save you from hidden costs such as the time taken looking around for misplaced tools or re-ordering tools you simply cannot find.


  • It was kind of a no-brainer. We were approached and it was explained to us and basically we get 10% back on everything we spend. It’s enabling us to cut the costs and it’s a fantastic offer.
    Gareth Morris
  • We’re using the workstations that we bought from Hoffmann which has just transformed our production area really and it’s made a massive difference to us. A big benefit is with our staff not travelling around the workshop looking for tools, they’ve got them right next to them, so we’ve gained man-hours.
    Fergus Murray
  • Hoffmann have been an integral partner to our developments that we’ve made with the use of their storage, work benches, vending solutions and tooling. Financially, it’s been a tremendous benefit for us, saving in the region of £30,000-£35,000 per annum. So it’s been a very worthwhile relationship.
    Richard Meade
  • We’ve used their tooling and it’s been beneficial for us with the run times, feeds and the speeds, along with getting longer life out of our tools as well.
    Phil Morris
  • We’ve been very successful with the Garant range from Hoffmann, using carbide and aluminium end mills and now looking into inserts on our sliding heads. Price wise, we are seeing significant reductions, so we’re very happy so far.
    Jordon Lovell

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